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Do colonics wash out the good bacteria?  


Colonics will cleanse the same amount of good and bad bacteria from the colon as if you were to have a regular bowel movement. Most of the good bacteria are located in your small intestine, a section impossible to reach during a treatment.   We are also cleansing large amounts of toxins and putrefied matter from the colon creating a cleaner environment better able to re-establish the good bacteria, so it is important to take a good probiotic (good bacteria) after getting colonics.

What is the difference between a colonic and an enema?  


An enema merely flushes out the lower end of the colon, the first 18 inches whereas the colonic cleanses the entire five feet of the bowel. Your colon is a long as you are tall!  Water is introduced at the rate of one to two pints at a time, and then is expelled.  This action will soften and wash away impactions in the colon.

Is a colonic painful?  


No!  After the appropriate size speculum is inserted into the rectum, separate medical grade rubber tubing carries the water in and waste out.  Only minor, temporary discomfort may result if you expel gas, old waste material, or have an extremely congested colon.  Once this matter is eliminated you may experience feeling lighter, have a flattened stomach, and increased energy.  Your colon is on its way to working properly.

Why can’t I take a laxative?  


Laxatives are a mild poison to your body, which inflame and irritate the colon and can be habit-forming.  It is possible your colon may suffer nerve damage leaving your colon unable to do its job. A colonic is a gentle, thorough cleansing.  Greater harm results from not washing out the toxic material inside the colon.

How many colonics are needed?  


Each individual has different requirements; your therapist encourages you to learn to listen what your body needs.  It is encouraged to start a cleansing program involving a series of 6 colonics, combined with a healthy diet, to detoxify the body and rebuild and rejuvenate the bowel.  Many people feel a radical change in how they feel after just one colonic.  The series will help remove layers of build up that can accumulate over years of poor diet and being exposed to the toxic elements around us.  The removal of large amounts of waste buildup is a gradual process and with maintaining proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, your body will thank you.

What exactly happens during a colonic?


You are asked to relieve your bladder and change into our special shorts prior to the session. The colon therapist will go over everything that happens during the colonic.  You will begin by lying on your left side with your knees slightly bent.  An appropriate size speculum is selected and slightly warmed and lubricated. The speculum is then gently inserted in to the rectum.   When the water starts to flow you will feel a slight pressure in the abdomen.  Part way through the colonic you will be asked to roll onto your back.  While in this position the colon therapist will begin to do abdominal massage.  This helps loosen the fecal matter trapped in the colon.  To finish the therapy you will be asked to again lie on your left side, the treatment will be finished, and the speculum will be removed.  You may then go to the bathroom, releasing any remaining water or fecal matter, and change back into your clothes. 

Who can benefit from colonics?  


Almost everyone can benefit from colon hydrotherapy!  The average American diet consists of refined, and devitalized foods full of chemicals, artificial colors, and flavors that we just were not designed to digest and eliminate.  This results in an accumulation of fecal matter that makes us sick.  Children must be six years of age.  All minors must be accompanied by their legal guardian.  Pregnant women, who have not been receiving colonics, must wait until their baby is born.  If you have had recent surgery you must wait six weeks or receive from your physician a prescription allowing you to have a colonic.

What do I wear for the treatment?


You are given a pair of special shorts that have been designed to enable the therapist to have access while your privacy is maintained.  You may leave your own shirt on during the session.

How much time does a colonic take?


Our appointments are scheduled every hour.  We find most colonics are completed within 30 minutes, but there are times when additional time is needed.  It is our desire to give you the time you need for questions or gathering information from our many resources.

How do I set an appointment?


Please call our office to schedule your appointment, 727-803-6884.  Or schedule online by clicking our schedule now link!

What methods of payment do you accept?


We accept all forms of payment, credit cards, cash or check.  Payment is expected at time of service.

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