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Kathleen Traver


Kathleen Traver LMT, CT, NCTMB is the founder and owner of the Pura Vida Wellness Spa. Being a Nationally Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist and Colon Hygienist, Kathleen’s passion in life is to help her clients understand the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with their body. 


Kathleen struggled with constipation all her life as well as depression, weight gain, and candida.  Doctors diagnosed Kathleen with symptoms of cervical cancer, and breast cancer. The Doctors didn't know why she was experiencing extreme health problems at such a young age.  She began receiving colonics in 2006 to help her with her constipation.  Upon receiving her first colonic, she knew that this was going to save her life.  She continued receiving treatments weekly and miraculously all her health concerns dissipated.  Dropping over 40 pounds, her pain and depression went away completely.  Her bowel movements increased and her vitality and mood improved.  Without cleansing her bowel she would never have attained better health.  She gives her life to Colon Therapy now, urging people to recognize and learn about the health benefits of Colon Hygiene.


With the knowledge attained over the past 14 years as a therapist, Kathleen has formed a well-rounded and spiritual view of health. Her studies in Colon Therapy and Massage Therapy have given her as much healing as it has given her clients. 

Kathleen does not diagnose treat or cure any disease.  Colon therapy is primarly for hygienic purposes.  Her staff are honored and privileged to assist you on your journey back to health and wellness!  ​

Kathleen Leslie
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