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Pre and Post Colonic Guidelines


These are the guidelines we suggest to support you before and after your colon hydrotherapy sessions. This information is based on our experience and understanding of human biochemistry and will help you to succeed at your goals of becoming healthier.


The Day Of and the Day After Your Treatment, Please Refrain From


  • Drinking alcoholic beverages

  • Partaking in recreational drugs

  • Eating processed foods

  • Drinking Soda/Carbonated Beverages

Immediately After Your Treatment


  • Drink a glass of water and/or a fresh vegetable juice

  • Hydration is vital to balance our organ function and support our elimination. It is important to feed your body with fresh nutrients, and this is the perfect time to drench your cells with enzymes and promote alkalinity



How to Foster the Transition Diet in Between Sessions


Focus on maintaining favorable food-combining principles, which will help to reduce your eating habits do not have to be perfect in order to make progress. Even small changes and more mindful choices can create results in a short period of time. It will be easier to feel the benefits of follow-up sessions when you keep the diet on track the day before, the day of, and the day after your treatment.


You will develop an awareness of how old habits and tendencies truly affect your body. As your system becomes more alkaline, the once tolerated acidic/mucus-forming foods and drugs (pharmaceutical and recreational alike) will soon be recognized by your system as the poisons they are. This recognition is a good thing. It means that your cells are regenerating, your blood is more oxygen rich, and your nervous system and senses are gaining acuity. Please remember we are only a phone call away if you are feeling challenged. There are NO ‘silly’ questions. 


Although we are knowledgeable therapists now, we were once clients and understand your need to know more information as this healthy path unfolds!




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