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What is a colonic?


Colonic Irrigation Therapy is a process of eliminating toxins and impacted waste and gas from the Large Intestine with filtered water.


Frequently Asked Questions



What happens during a colon hydrotherapy session at the Center?


Our treatments take place in private, comfortable treatment rooms. You will be lying down on a cushioned table. Specially designed shorts will be supplied for your privacy.


We employ the Gravity Centered Colonic method. This means the water enters the intestine because the source is located above the level of your body, allowing the water to flow in and out without any mechanical means. The natural peristaltic motion of the colon is prompted once the water enters it. You will not need to push. Simply relax and the therapist will work with the rhythm of your body.  


The colon hydrotherapist is with you in the room throughout the entire session. The therapist will utilize abdominal massage to assist the flow and momentum of the session.


Do colonics hurt?


The treatment should NOT hurt. If the water encounters an abundance of gas or impaction, then it may feel a bit crampy. Once the gas is released, you will feel relief.





How will I feel after the colonic is over?


You should feel a sense of rejuvenation, happiness, lightness, openness, and overall wellbeing. Increased sense of sight and smell is common. Lower back pain may be alleviated or relieved after one treatment.


If you feel less than great (IE: sluggish, sleepy, dizzy, headaches, etc.), this is a sign that your body is releasing toxins (acidity) and is working toward an optimal state of alkalinity. A follow-up session within one week is not too soon.

Can I resume normal activity (i.e. work, errands, exercise) after a colonic?


Yes, feel free to go about your day.


If you are new to colonics, we suggest you schedule your first couple of sessions allowing plenty of time to stay present with how your body responds.

How often should I get colonics?


For maximum results, we suggest every person goes through a complete cleanse every three months. A complete cleanse consists of 6 treatments.  However, depening on the individuals goals, diet, and current health, regular weekly or biweekly treatments may benefit you.    This is suggested simply because your bowel can not eliminate everything in one session.  Having 6 sessions close together will strengthen the bowel as well as continue to soften harden waste allowing it to be released.  Your therapist will be able to answer this question more accurately after the experience of working with you, seeing how your body responds, and hearing your intentions.


Can I receive treatment during my menstrual cycle?


Yes. It is perfectly fine to get a colonic during any phase of your cycle. A treatment can also aid in relieving any uncomfortable symptoms that you may encounter monthly. The release of waste and gas can relieve painful pressure, cramping, and bloating, promoting an ease of flow.


Can I receive treatment if I am feeling sick?


Yes. In fact, a colonic is one of most effective things you can do to speed your recovery.


Symptoms of “illness” are most often a sign the body is overwhelmed with waste and toxicity, which has not been able to exit through the usual channels of elimination. Removing the burdensome waste and gas will diminish the symptoms and promote healing.


Do colonics wash out the good bacteria?

Colonics will cleanse the same amount of good and bad bacteria from the colon as if you were to have a regular bowel movement. Most of the good bacteria are located in your small intestine, a section impossible to reach during a treatment.   We are also cleansing large amounts of toxins and putrefied matter from the colon creating a cleaner environment better able to re-establish the good bacteria, so it is important to take a good probiotic (good bacteria) after getting colonics.


Will my body become dependent on colonics?


Gravity colonics foster a strengthening of your colon. The more waste your body releases in each session, the stronger your colon becomes and the more regular your own elimination will be.


Gravity colonics encourage proper elimination in a similar way that a treadmill strengthens your heart! As your colon eliminates layer upon layer of waste, it will naturally become more capable of regulating itself.


It is a process and each session yields new and revealing results. Be patient with the journey. Each of us has a unique past and our systems respond to this work accordingly.

What can I do to get rid of painful gas/constipation?


Immediately stop eating fruit until your next colonic.


Follow favorable food combining principles as best as you can.


Brewing fresh ginger tea is helpful: Boil sliced fresh ginger in water for about 10 minutes, and then drink the water.


Inverted yoga postures are also helpful: Downward dog, Shoulder stand, Head Stand, and Hand Stand.


Walking can help by creating motion in the intestine.


Castor Oil pack: Massage castor oil on your abdomen all the way down to the pelvic region. Wrap yourself in saran wrap, cover yourself, and place a filled hot water bottle on top of your abdomen for 30 – 45 minutes.


Breathe throughout a busy day or stressful situations. Stress can cause gas.

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